Hello!  I am Reverend Debby;  an ordained non-denominational Minister,  angel

 intuitive, psychic and medium.

I am primarily clairvoyant. which is psychic 'seeing' - I receive information through psychic vision and symbolism followed

with ALL the other 'clairs' coming into play.

Clairsentient, also known as being an empath; meaning I experience direct feelings/emotions.

Clairaudient is the ability to actually hear names, messages, etc. spoken into my ears. 

Claircognizance is a direct 'knowing'. 

The process when I am with a client is thus; I connect with my angel and wait for the clients angel to appear,

then pictures, symbols, thoughts, words or situations "pop" into my mind with feelings/emotions/knowing

quickly following.  Loved ones in Spirit usually appear then, although they have been known to wait with me for the client to arrive.

Frequently a name is spoken (quite loudly in fact) in my ear.  I do not control how I get the information and connections,

I accepted on a spiritual level to hold the space for my clients and their angels and loved ones.


I am often asked how I knew that I possessed these abilities, so let me explain a bit further.  I was born in Pasadena,

Southern California under the astrological sign of Sagittarius and am a third generation psychic.

During my early years I loved spending time alone out in nature; whether it was in the ocean and

on the shore;  playing under the trees of my grandparents avocado orchard; or running through the fields

of sagebrush.


 I would always feel a tremendous rush of energy vibrate through me when the Santa Ana winds would blow..

During my teen years I had consistent bouts of "deja-vu". They were so frequent, they were becoming

distracting.  At 16 years of age I experienced two events that opened my awareness of my own abilities.

The first happened while I was attending an evangelical event with my sister. I thought of a question I

wanted to ask God about. So, I silently asked Him my question. Wow! My abilities immediately burst

into full bloom then and there! The best way I can describe it is like this: it was as if I'd had a three or

four hour conversation, and then watched a movie that contained all the answers, the process, and

the outcome to my question.....and all of this was completely given to me directly into my brain, into my

knowing, in a split second. I was so stunned, so overwhelmed that all I could do was stumble back into

my chair.

 The second event happened very shortly after. I was always very social, enjoying school activities and

hanging out with my friends. One day one of my closest friends came by to show off her newly acquired

driver's license. A group of us piled into her car with me getting into the front, and we were off.  As we

sped down the road, another car suddenly ran a stop sign, pulling in front of us from a side street.

My friend jerked the steering wheel to the side, spinning us out of control. I recall feeling like my right

shoulder was glued to the door and window from the centrifugal force of the car spinning around and

around. Suddenly the spinning stopped, but we were heading straight into a brick wall unbelievably fast.

 It was terrifying!  I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the certain imminent impact when suddenly, incredibly, a tremendous

calm came over me.  It was as if I had suddenly floated away on a soft, fluffy blanket. I clearly got the

message that we would be alright. I felt absolutely no fear...none!

The spinning stopped. It was quiet. I opened my eyes not knowing if I was dead or still alive and I was amazed to find that not

only were we all still alive we were parked perfectly against the curb. Facing the wrong way, but

parked none the less. I knew then and there with certainty my enlightened journey had begun.


 While living in Southern California over the years, I was "shown" and experienced many different

 facets of the lightworker's journey as a psychic. Many times I tried to ignore it, especially the times when

it was just too confusing or unsettling. A visit to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 1990 surprisingly led me

 to the knowledge that I, a native Southern Californian girl was to move across the country to the land of

vast forests, winter, water and wildlife. Leaving family, friends and a very successful real estate career

 was almost unimaginable, yet I had to honor Spirit's call. Just imagine how hard it is to explain that to

others when you don't even really understand it yourself?

After being directed to bring my knowledge and spiritual gifts to others, I created and opened Now & Zen in Escanaba;

the only healing center/spiritual store of it's kind at the time in the entire Upper Peninsula. 

I was quickly directed by the angels to assist others via readings so I sold the business 3 years later, which sadly folded.

It has always been, and continues to be an incredible honor to be included in the many journeys of my client's

lives for which I am deeply touched and thankful. How rich in heart and soul you all have made me! 

Whatever your faith, belief or religion is, always remember that

each and every one of us is a child of God. Every one of us in this world needs to honor and care for

each other and mother earth.  Always carry the intention for the highest good.  I offer you;

Blessings and Namaste.