About Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching

We all feel "stuck" at one time or another. You may have a vague sense of a life area that needs attention, yet you can't quite figure out just what. Oftentimes that kind of general malaise is the calling out from your spirit for attention. Serious trauma, be it physical or emotional causes damage to our spirits in addition to the mind and body. It is equally as important to heal this damage to the spirit and the soul as the physical body. If you or someone you know has recently suffered trauma, emotional pain, loss or confusion, looking into spiritual therapy could be well advised. Spiritual therapy and life coaching offered by Reverend Debby, an expert in spirituality, spiritual injury and life coaching offers her guidance to help you achieve your goals. Spiritual counseling and life coaching are frequently used for the same purpose as secular counseling, but Reverend Debby will address areas of healing towards the soul as well. Spiritual counseling can be a life changing experience for someone who is willing to make these commitments. I can help you learn about yourself and your beliefs, with things that you might never have learned on your own. To teach you to stand on your feet and take care of your own wellbeing, be it mental, spiritual or emotional, through your own abilities and your connection with the Divine, in whatever form you believe the Divine takes. Spiritual therapy and inner wellness coaching can offer you the chance to find inner peace and make the spiritual a part of your life which can also affect a wide variety of life areas, including improving relationships, life satisfaction and physical health.

The Process

To benefit from spiritual counseling and life coaching you need to make a commitment. You need to commit to honest self-examination. You need to commit to actively taking part in the treatment, not sitting back and expecting the counselor to 'fix' you. You need to commit to maintaining a safe and healthy spiritual and general life practice. Part of my job is to guide you to better understanding of yourself and what you need to be healthy, happy and whole. I help you find the path, but you are the one who has to walk it. It may mean that you have to accept new ideas about yourself as well as the world that you may not have considered previously. And like any life change, it requires work to create the new habits of thought and living that you need to make a difference. As a spiritual counselor and life coach my therapy is based on spiritual techniques with minimal ritual based on multicultural traditions drawn from religious and spiritual practices around the world including clairvoyance and mediumship. The enlightenment available requires one who is willing to walk the spiritual path of the seeker. It demands that you learn and quest for yourself, and find the truth in yourself. Are you ready to begin your journey? Letís take your first step together and make an appointment here.

Reverend Debby Bergeon, ART

 Reverend Debby Bergeon is an ordained, non-denominational Minister who has enjoyed life long examinations and studies of assorted faiths and beliefs. Working closely with the angelic realm, she has provided spiritual counseling, psychic/angel readings, life coaching and Reiki since 2005.   Her private and group readings are in great demand and she is the featured guest of a weekly live radio show.  She is not a state licensed psychotherapist - she works at the deep spiritual, soul level with her clients.