'an enlightening blessing'...

What an enlightening blessing to receive a reading from you!
You have a true gift and I want to thank you so very much!
You are a beautiful soul and may God always bless you!
With much love and appreciation,

'comfort and healing'...

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of comfort and healing you brought me after my reading.
The things you told me about ****** that no one else could possibly have
known....wow... I have absolutely no doubt now that we
all go on.  I can never thank you enough!


Reverend Debby  I think I sat there the whole time with my mouth hanging open in astonishment!
To say my reading with you was jaw dropping does not even begin to describe it!

'You have an incredible gift...'

You have an incredible gift that you use for the right reasons.  I have had several readings from psychics, some very famous such as S***** B****, and J*** E***** and not one of them has ever been so spot on like you were!